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We all know that panicky feeling when you lose control of your footing on a patch of ice. If you fall and are injured, here’s what you can do.
Property owners have a legal responsibility to keep walkways, driveways, sidewalks and stairs free of snow and ice. In 2010 the law concerning this was changed to put more of the burden on the property owner. Thus, if they are negligent, they can be held liable if an accident occurs.
If you are injured in such a slip and fall accident, Attorney John Tramontozzi can help. An experienced personal injury attorney, John can determine where liability falls in your case. He can also determine whether you are eligible for compensation of your medical bills and lost wages due to your injury – not to mention the pain and suffering you or a loved one has incurred.
What is often debated in these cases is whether the actions of the property owner and the injured party were reasonable. The property owner has a responsibility to keep his property in a safe, well maintained condition. Neglecting to remove snow and ice in a reasonable amount of time casts the blame for a slip and fall accident on the property owner. He has not acted in a reasonable manner.
What you should do if injured slipping on ice:
Report the accident. Let someone in charge of the property know what has happened and how you were injured. If it is in an apartment building, you should contact the landlord. If at a business, you should contact the store owner/business manager.
Document the accident. Take time-stamped photos of the area where you fell, your injury, and any damaged personal property. Get contact information (names, addresses and telephone numbers) for the landlord or business where you fell as well as any witnesses to your fall. Witnesses are especially important if your version of events and the property owner’s differ.
Document your injuries. It is best to seek medical attention after a fall. Keep all bills and records from your doctor or hospital as proof of your injury.
Contact a personal injury attorney. Slip and fall claims are often challenged by insurance companies. They may try to claim that you are at fault or offer you less compensation than you deserve. It is good to have someone “in your corner” when filing with the insurance company.
At Tramontozzi Law Office we will review your case to see if you have a legitimate claim. We will ensure that you are fairly and completely compensated whether by the property owner or the insurance company. Call us for a free consultation today.

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